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    Efficient, scalable MRO optimization.

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  • Data. Information. Action.

    We evaluate every part at every life cycle stage from launch to decommissioning.

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  • Crib Management.

    Can you identify spare parts & set correct stocking levels?

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  • MRO Life-Cycle Solutions.

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  • Pure Integrator.

    Focused on total cost, reducing spend and increasing customer profitability.

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  • Technical OEE focused.

    Increased machine effectiveness through specialized root cause analysis.

Ideal Setech

Efficient, scalable MRO optimization.

Ideal Setech delivers indirect material management solutions to optimize total cost through process driven best practices. Check out our innovation services.

Ideal Setech's programs are flexible and can be combined to meet client requirements, scope and scale - from consulting to business process outsourcing.

Our pure integrator model is aligned with the best interests of our clients; focused on reducing costs, optimizing assests, and increasing client profitability.


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Our Value

Provide value-driven MRO Life Cycle Solutions that quantifiably demonstrate improvements of an organization operating expense management activities, inventory optimization results, and improve operational availability (uptime).

Ideal Setech Innovation Companies

Our Strengths

Inventory Management

  • Our approach is that everything is coded or it does not belong in the storage area.
  • Limited access with oversite helps control the inventory.
  • Our approach is to “avoid the buy” when possible.
  • 5s is key to having inventory integrity.

Business Plan Development

  • We have instituted BPD at all our sites.
  • We have conducted boot camps to train other groups on BPD.
  • We feel that BPD is the tool to use to run the business effectively and help identify improvements.

Technical Knowledge

  • Our technical support is leveraged at current sites.
  • Our work alongside maintenance and engineering is a value add to their teams and allows them to attend to operational issues.
  • Our support of launch allows for the knowledge from all North America to be brought into a specific site launch.

Export Compliance

  • We have a bilingual staff member that works closely with the export compliance team to make sure we follow all guidelines.
  • Our staff member works with all our sites to help get products shipped across borders.
  • We also work with other plants when doing transfers to help with the export compliance piece of the shipment.


  • We maintain an A Grade in ISN and comply with all of the safety guidelines.
  • We have adapted contractor safety management and work closely with all our sites to comply with these guidelines.
  • We have a corporate safety team that works with our customers and all our sites.

Excess Material

  • We currently work on a program to eliminate excess material and get the best return possible on the open market.
  • We work inside of the facilities with maintenance to suggest reductions in stocking levels and eliminate or share excess materials.


  • Our teams work to eliminate waste and track wins and savings for these at each of our sites.

Innovation with Excellence

Our goal is to become partners with our customers to help solve their problems and create value.

Spindle Program Plant Cycle Tracking

We have created a spindle tracking system that tracks clamping cycles, life cycle, and repair life. We use this feedback to give to suppliers, plants to track spindle life and machine issues, we also use this to compare the life of supplier repair.

Asset Association Process

We have worked closely with several of our customers to build and vet their machine bill of materials. This allows for the proper stocking of spare parts for equipment. It also allows for asset association and reduction of inventory during asset elimination.

Increased Warehouse Flow Productivity

We have done a complete assessment of our warehouse flow. This has allowed for changes for more efficiency and better quality of work.

Technical Abilities

We supply information on historical usage data to financial account champions allowing them to forecast and control their budgets more efficiently.

Scorecards for Customers

We do surveys of our customers for feedback on our services. We then communicate with our detractors for a better understanding of how to improve our service.