Company Model

Ideal Setech is a pure integrated supplier that is focused on reducing spend, optimizing assets and increasing client profitability
Pure Integrated Supplier

Our Pure Integrator model is truly aligned with the best interests of our clients. Ideal Setech is focused on reducing spend, optimizing assets and increasing client profitability.

We are not a distributor, nor do we have equity in any distributor organization. Ideal Setech is not restricted to any franchised product line or geography, which means that our clients receive the best value and the best-case part solution available in the market, eliminating the tier-two markups when commodity managers source non-franchised products from a channel intermediary. Ideal Setech receives a management fee for services performed, and all products are passed through at actual cost, removing any potential incentive to sell more products or specify one brand over another to increase revenues. Ideal Setech believes in delivering complete visibility, transparency and integrity to our client relationships.

Conversely, the traditional distributor integrator model consists of a lead distributor working on a markup, plus often a management fee, securing products from second tier suppliers in commodities other than those franchised by the lead distributor. The entire supply chain, being margin based, is driven to sell more products over time, and to drive all manufacturer sales incentives (in the form of additional discounts or sales rebates) to the distributors, not the customer. Product sales equal additional profits. Thus distributors must by nature support product manufacturer goals of increased revenue, increased market share and increased product positioning. This must be at the expense of a singular focus on customer spend reduction.