Safety & Quality

Ideal Setech's Safety Comes in Cans program identifies workplace and program safety hazards while positively reinforcing good safety behaviors.

One of Ideal Setech’s highest priorities is and always will be safety. Our teams are committed to following proper safety measures and protocols to ensure each team member goes home safely every day. 

As part of our commitment to keeping our employees, clients, and the communities we work in safe, we’ve adopted a “safety first” culture. We encourage all employees to speak up and stop work if they see unsafe practices


Ideal Setech Operational Excellence (ISOE) is our quality process and operational focus to satisfy our customer by delivering value that exceeds their expectations.

Our commitment to quality is achieved through the following principles:
• Fulfill the expectations of our associates, suppliers, and customers  
• Deliver safe, cost-effective programs in an efficient amount of time
• Recognize prevention as the method of ensuring the “Ideal” result
• Encourage teamwork among our associates
• Enable associates to demonstrate innovation and communicate candidly
• Secure the cooperation and involvement of each and every member of the “Ideal” team