Ideal's programs are designed to focus on specific areas of your business. Share-The-Spare helps businesses better manage their Excess & Obsolete Material

Ideal Setech Share-The-Spare® began in 2004 as joint venture between the Ideal Group and SETECH Inc. of Murfreesboro, TN.

Share-the-Spare began by managing the inventory of all critical and insurance parts for GMNA stamping operations. In 2010, Ideal Setech Share-the-Spare’s role was expanded to include the management of all critical spares for all General Motors North America, distribution of MRO supplies used in more than 2 operations, and housing of the IT hardware and software for the web-based electronic catalog management GMNA’s MRO inventories.

Ideal Group, led by company President Loren Venegas, directs operations for Ideal Setech Share the Spare.

Ideal Setech Share-the-Spare’s custom programs are designed to focus on specific areas of your business. The Share-The-Spare® programs are tailored to customer’s goals in order to better manage their Excess & Obsolete Materials, Critical Spare Parts, and Repairable Asset Management. Implementing these programs promotes the reduction of overall “corporate” inventories; improve the reliability of equipment, and reduction of manufacturing facility costs.

Share-The-Spare® Critical Spares Management

The STS Redistribution Program provides supply and demand services of critical/insurance parts required for repair or refurbishment of manufacturing equipment and facilities.

Share-The-Spare® Redistribution

The Redistribution Center provides a solution for our customers in North America to consume excess and obsolete materials. This program allows for the complete integration of financial operations while effectively managing the internal supply chain.

Share-The-Spare® Repair and Warranty Program

Our Repair and Warranty program manages the repair process and supply chain. Through root cause analysis you can improve machine uptime, WCM Pillar Support, and extend component life.