Pat Rylance Golden Broom Award 2020

Working with the Ideal Setech warehouse operations, you need to understand the best way to please the customer is to have accurate inventory ready when they need it. Having accurate inventory does not happen by just having an annual physical inventory but by working at it every day of the year. I believe that a clean and organized warehouse is one of many steps to having accurate inventory. Also, a clean and organized warehouse is a safer environment to work in.” -Pat Rylance

Pat Rylance worked for Setech for many years before joining efforts with The Ideal Group to form the company Ideal Setech in 2007. Pat managed the Ideal Setech warehouse in Livonia that supported General Motors facilities in Warren, Ypsilanti, and Toledo.

In 2012, Pat moved into a Corporate Warehouse Manager role that would oversee all Ideal Setech warehouse operations. He had an idea to encourage improvements at all Ideal sites that he called The Golden Broom Award.

“One of the goals was to improve the warehouse cleanliness and organization at all our sites. The warehouse that won the award would receive a small award and pizza for the staff. The winner was chosen not on the cleanest warehouse but the one with the most improvement.” -Pat Rylance

Thus, The Golden Broom Award was created. Sadly, Pat Rylance passed away in February of 2015 and has been missed by many members of the Ideal family. Although Pat is no longer with us in body, he is still with us in our hearts and the work ethics he instilled in us. In 2016, in honor of Pat, we had The Golden Broom Award name changed to The Pat Rylance Golden Broom Award. Pat left with us a vision he had for the company operations that we strive to preserve daily.

Keeping the tradition going in Pat’s honor, we’re happy to announce that the State of Michigan Warehouse has been named the 2020 Pat Rylance Golden Broom Award winner!

Congratulations to all the team members at the State of Michigan Warehouse. Your commitment to quality and hard work has helped Ideal Setech take another step forward and helped earn the company the 2020 General Motors Overdrive Award.

Ideal Setech Recognized by General Motors as a 2020 Overdrive Award Winner

Ideal Setech was recognized as a GM Overdrive Award winner in General Motors’ 29th annual Supplier of the Year awards. Ideal Setech was one of only 26 companies to be selected as an Overdrive winner in 2020.

Over the years, Ideal companies have received many awards from local and national organizations and companies but there aren’t many that encompass the Ideal culture and commitment to excellence quite like the Overdrive Award.

“I want to thank GM for presenting our Ideal Setech team this year’s Overdrive Award and recognizing all the hard work our team has done in the last year. I want to congratulate our team for all they have accomplished working together on last year’s PPE project and Project M. They exemplified teamwork and a can-do attitude to meet all of GM’s needs.” -Ted O’Leary, Sr. VP of Ideal Setech.

The GM Overdrive award, first given out in 2012, recognized General Motors’ supply partners for extraordinary leadership in cultural change and commitment initiatives that drive exceptional business results for GM. That was exactly what Ideal Setech was able to do with the task of managing and distributing COVID-19 PPE to GM sites all over the country throughout 2020.

Led by Sara Henkel, Chris Brown, Phil Dickman, and Kurt Mohrmann and Paula Evans from General Motors, the Ideal Setech team received over 161 million pieces of PPE and shipped out more than 57.8 million pieces to 330 different manufacturing and non-manufacturing GM locations between March and December of 2020.

Ideal Setech’s efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic have helped keep one of the largest companies in the world fully functional and safe.

Congratulations to all the Ideal Setech workers for a well-deserved recognition.