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Can you identify the causes of equipment failure?

Ideal Setech’s Subject Matter Experts have identified there are two types of machine breakdowns: the function loss and function reduction breakdown. Function loss breakdowns occur when all the equipment functioning stops. This is the type of breakdown that most people are familiar with. However, setups and adjustments also stop all equipment functioning. Idling and minor stoppages also stop all equipment functioning even if just for a brief time period. Therefore, any loss that is created when all equipment functioning stops can be considered a function loss breakdown. Of the six major losses, breakdowns, setups and adjustments, and idling and minor stoppage losses would be considered function loss breakdowns.

The second type of breakdown would be a function reduction breakdown. This breakdown is when efficiency losses occur. The equipment may be operating, but it is not achieving design specifications. The analogy would be an automobile in a 60 mph speed zone only achieving 30 mph. In plants or facilities, function reduction losses impact the asset utilization to a point that backup or redundant systems may be utilized. Of the six major losses, idling and minor stoppage losses create function reduction breakdowns. Reduced speed or capacity losses create function reduction breakdowns since efficiency is lost. Quality problems, whether defects or rework, create lost efficiency, so they are considered function reduction breakdowns. Startup and reduced-yield losses also create lost efficiency, and are also considered function reduction breakdowns.

Our 8-step plan will assist in the creation of machine ledgers which will enable a company in achieving zero breaking strategies:

WCM-step 0-7

Most companies concentrate on function loss breakdowns, since when the equipment is not functioning, it is quite easy to detect. However, these same com­panies ignore, or give low priority to solving, function reduction breakdowns. Yet, studies have shown that function reduction losses make up the largest part of total overall equipment losses.

Both types of breakdowns are caused by organizational issues and technical issues. Methodologies to eliminate the losses categorized in the two types of breakdowns will be presented.

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