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Throughout our history providing Indirect Materials Management services, Ideal Setech has generated immediate, documented cost and process savings for some of the most respected companies across the globe. While our highly customizable services represent the key operations we perform for our clients, our innovative solutions are the unique approaches we use to provide them.

Ideal Setech developed the MRO Velocity Hub to allow all Order to Cash transactions to be performed in the client ERP system, preserving the value of the inter-connectedness of various ERP modules and CMMS modules such as Maximo; while analysis, CI management, and remote governess are performed in the MRO Velocity Hub. This helps to assure maximum value realized from the client systems investment, while providing highly specific indirect materials management metrics and process improvement through the deployment of the Velocity Hub. Use of the MRO Velocity Hub helps to close Indirect Material operational gaps and manage the site operations in the most effective manner to reduce total cost of ownership for our customers, with the following operational benefits:

  • Repair management, simplified and effective with failure mode data.
  • Warranty management, simplified and effective with failure mode data.
  • Small assembly tool torque calibration and preventative maintenance, email scheduling notification and document storage.
  • Exception reporting and KPI management, Ideal Setech’s visibility to action required, remote oversight and continuous improvement assurance.
  • Cost savings program management, approval workflow and cascaded best practices.
  • Enterprise visibility to other plants regardless of plant ERP; OEM Spare Part “Share the Spare” opportunities.
    e-Request requisitioning with fast and flexible search on material master and supplier relationships information including Asset, BOM, digital images, repair and failure root cause and prior Purchasing History information.

All Order to Cash transactions are performed within the customer’s system but monitored by the MRO Velocity Hub. KPIs, alerts and notifications are customized to drive and realize value for the customer.

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    With 25 years of indirect material management experience, Ideal Setech concluded that there are two types of client organizations:

    1) One who has not made a recent significant investment in ERP technology thus needs a complete ERP transaction processing engine along with a Business Intelligence tool – MRO Velocity ERP Platform
    2) The second client organization type has made a recent significant investment in state of the art ERP technology but has not developed the indirect material expertise to correctly deploy their investment and thus needs the MRO Velocity Hub to optimize their indirect material processes.
    Within both scenarios, Ideal Setech has determined the IMM best practices and key differentiators that enable optimal value to be realized within the IMM business processes:

    • Best in Class Search and User Interface
    • Commodity Management
    • Repair Management
    • Electronic Catalog Management
    • Warranty Management
    • Customizable Dashboards
    • Simplified New Item Setup
    • Exception Reporting
    • Mobile Asset Management
    • Reporting – Cost Savings, KPIs, Scorecard
    • Lean Plan for Every Part
    • Asset Condition Monitor.


    Throughout Ideal Setech’s 25 years in the Indirect Material Management business, we have seen and worked with a variety of software systems. We have many years of experience working with a variety of platforms including, but not limited to Maximo, Oracle, SAP and various legacy systems used by our customers throughout Europe and North America.
    Ideal Setech operates today on a proprietary system including a web-based application that sets us apart from our competition by providing complete transparency to our customers. Through the guidance of our highly experienced support staff working directly with our customers, the MRO Velocity Toolset has been constantly enhanced over two decades to meet the evolving operational and accounting needs of our customers, specifically focused toward Indirect Material Management.
    In 2010, Ideal Setech developed a global Data Warehousing system to support customers operating on multiple and often disconnected ERP or maintenance management systems of a customer. This allows a customer that has single or multiple different ERP systems across its plants to be able to easily see enterprise-wide data and reporting in a single web-based tool, the MRO Velocity Hub.


    Under the direction of our highly experienced Operations and IT staff and working directly with our clients, the MRO Velocity ERP Platform system has been constantly enhanced over three decades to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Where a client requires a complete “req-to-check” systems solution, our MRO Velocity ERP Platform is a cloud based system which is specifically optimized for Indirect Materials Management. The MRO Velocity ERP system is part of our comprehensive BPO offering or can be utilized on a “Software as a Service” basis.
    Financial integrity is assured via advanced inventory segmentation, commodity management enablement and Increased costing flexibility.


    • Current state assessment
    • Change Management
    • Item parameter review
    • Metrics & KPIs
    • Future state design
    • Ongoing support
    • Data conversion
    • Help desk
    • Training

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